17-10 New Branding

SYM TEQ stands for Symbian Technology. Customers looking for emerging technologies find the symbiosis of optimal integration level and technology mix at SYM TEQ Group.

Thus we established the „Q>“ Logo with the Slogan „Switch on to Leading Edge Technologies“.

Under the premise, that we speak the “language” of our focused customers and have always the right products, solutions and distribution channel for them, we established our multi-brand Business Unit approach, which allows us to target specific customer segments and needs.

The main colours of the Business Unit Brands are now represented also in the tree dots of the SYM TEQ Group main Logo.

SYM TEQ Group Logo
SYM TEQ Group Logo

17-09 Computing & Communication Units

Switch on to leading edge Technologies – Talk to us about your requirements!

SYM TEQ – Your Partner especially for Computing & Communication Technologies:

#HMI Interaction-Solutions (#PanelPC / #Display & #Touch)
#Communication-Technologies (#EthernetSwitches / #Wireless, #LiFi & #IoT)
#Industrial-Computing (#IPC, #BoxPC / #Embedded & #Edge Computing)

You profit from a wide spectrum of standard products and you have access to the latest knowledge and many years of transformation know-how. Managing the successful digitial transformation determines the success of your business. In every business the tasks are different. Involve us. We support you to reach an optimal symbiosis of the digital and the physical world.

Whatever your next big project is, get in touch with us: https://www.rocor-teq.eu/


17-07 One stop solution Principle

The SYM TEQ Principle.

We are a project driven business and our point of view is holistic. We take the initiative and search the world to offer technology competence in width and depth. This competence entails the whole hardware and software we offer. We care about the successful combination of look, feel and quality of hardware, ergonomics and simplicity of software.

The benefit of the solution from you customers‘ point of view is always in the foreground. That’s what we care about.

One stop solution.

SYM TEQ stands for Symbian Technology.
Thus, no matter how abstract and odd your endeavor seems to be. Involve us.
We support you to reach an optimal symbiosis of the digital and the physical world.

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