20-04 COVID19 Desinfektion

Die SYM TEQ Gruppe hat ein weltweites Netzwerk von Zulieferern und dadurch auch Zugriff auf chemische Produkte. Auf Grund der aussergewöhnlichen Lage in Bezug auf die Corona-Pandemie, nutzen wir diese Möglichkeiten um unseren Kunden zu helfen, die eigenen Mitarbeiter und Kunden vor Viren zu schützen.

Dazu bietet die Tochter SYM TEQ GmbH in der Schweiz Hygiene Produkte für die Hände- und Flächendesinfektion an.


ALCO-X Händedesinfektionsmittel Datenblatt

APURO Professional Desinfektion Datenblatt


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20-03 Coronavirus precautions

Coronavirus precautions
Dear partner of the SYM TEQ Group
Because of the coronavirus we have taken a number of precautions to ensure that we can maintain our availability:
– Administrative staff have access to company systems from the home office
– The teams members work on site in separate rooms
– Meetings are conducted using Tools like Microsoft TEAMS and ZOOM
– Otherwise, safety distances are consistently maintained
With these measures we want to ensure that we can maintain our ability to deliver. We will continue to monitor developments and are prepared to introduce further measures if necessary. 
We wish everyone good health. 
Your SYM TEQ Team

Coronavirus Vorkehrungen
Geschätzter Partner der SYM TEQ Group
Wegen des Coronavirus haben wir eine Reihe von Vorkehrungen getroffen, um sicherzustellen, dass wir unsere Verfügbarkeit aufrechterhalten können:
– Mitarbeiter der administrativen Bereiche haben vom Home Office aus Zugang zu den Systemen des Unternehmens
– Die Mitglieder der Teams arbeiten vor Ort nicht gleichzeitig in den gleichen Räumen
– Besprechungen werden mittels Tools wie Microsoft TEAMS oder ZOOM durchgeführt
– Ansonsten werden die Sicherheitsabstände konsequent eingehalten
Mit diesen Massnahmen wollen wir sicherstellen, dass wir unsere Lieferfähigkeit aufrechterhalten können. Wir werden die Entwicklungen weiterhin beobachten und sind bereit, gegebenenfalls weitere Massnahmen einzuleiten. 
Wir wünschen allen eine gute Gesundheit. 
Ihr SYM TEQ Team

20-01 HMI – Computing Technologies

Switch on to leading edge Technologies – Talk to us about your requirements!

SYM TEQ – Your Partner especially for Computing & Communication Technologies:

#HMI Interaction-Solutions (#PanelPC / #Display & #Touch)
#Communication-Technologies (#EthernetSwitches / #Wireless, #LiFi & #IoT)
#Industrial-Computing (#IPC, #BoxPC / #Embedded & #Edge Computing)

You profit from a wide spectrum of standard products and you have access to the latest knowledge and many years of transformation know-how. Managing the successful digitial transformation determines the success of your business. In every business the tasks are different. Involve us. We support you to reach an optimal symbiosis of the digital and the physical world.

Whatever your next big project is, get in touch with us: https://www.rocor-teq.eu/


19-11 LiFi to Mass Market Device Manufacturers

pureLiFi, the leading LiFi technology company announces it has completed a $18M Series B fundraise to provide LiFi technology to mass-market mobile device and lighting manufacturers. The funding round includes Temasek, an investment company headquartered in Singapore, and the Scottish Investment Bank. The investment will allow the company to further develop Gigabit LiFi components and make them available in form factors ready for mobile device integration.

“Device manufacturers are looking for new ways to provide devices with faster, more reliable and secure connectivity. LiFi is the natural next step in the evolution of global wireless communications and pureLiFi is leading the way to provide this technology to the market.”

Says pureLiFi CEO Alistair Banham.


SYM TEQ is proud to be part of the LiFi world. Contact SYM TEQ for more information about the opportunities LiFi offers you.

19-03 LiFi and PoE

PoE and LiFi, power full combination for digitization – data backbone for industry 4.0 and edge computing.

What kind of data network is needed for digitization?

Data over light. PoE and LiFi – data backbone for industry 4.0 and edge computing.
The combination of LED and PoE technologies offers new exciting possibilities. PoE-powered lights can be combined to form intelligent hubs with sensors, wireless communication modules and integrated processors.
LiFi is a new (IEEE 802.11bb) WiFi-based standard for data transmission via light, whereby the data signals from the access point (AP) are modulated onto the light output by the LED instead of via an antenna at WiFi radio (e.g. 2.4GHz band). It is super fast, reliable and secure. High-speed transmission no longer requires Ethernet cables to the equipment, stationary or mobile devices in the production plant. The Ethernet cables now supply power and data to the luminaires via PoE. Wherever there is light from the LEDs, data flows as well. Walls form natural boundaries of the “cells”. In contrast to WiFi radio cells, the data thus remain securely protected from unauthorised access in the “room” intended for them.

SYM TEQ offers system solutions, components and engineering to realize IoT interaction and networking.




18-09 SINDEX 2018

Dear customers and partners

One last friendly hello from SINDEX 2018 and our Swiss Team, many thanks to everyone for the support, the stimulating conversations and the great interest in the new Wireless technology LiFi. Missed something after all? No problem, the SINDEX exhibition platform offers you the possibility to inform yourself: https://lnkd.in/gvVhk45

There you will find the latest industry PCs and PoE switches, as well as informative videos:
– What is LiFi? – the new wireless technology for secure and fast data transmission via light
PoE-Ultra Power Source Bus Switch – the scalable 4in1 injector/splitter solution for transmitting data and power from switch to switch up to 500m

If you are particularly interested in something, we would be delighted to hear from you.

SYM TEQ @ SINDEX 2018: https://lnkd.in/gvVhk45

SYM TEQ Systems | Interaction Solutions | www.sym-teq-systems.ch TEQ | Computing and Communication Units | www.rocor-teq.eu

18-07 PoE-Ultra Power Source Bus Switch

PoE-Ultra Power Source Bus Switch – the scalable 4in1 injector/splitter solution for transmitting data and power from switch to switch up to 500m, learn more about:

18-06 LiFi – How does LiFi work

LiFi, short for light fidelity, is a Visible Light Communications (VLC) system that relies on the visible light spectrum to provide wireless Internet connectivity.  Li-Fi can operate using off-the-shelf LED lights that are connected to transceiver access points. The LED lights transfer binary bits and bytes of data by intermittently flashing lights on and off. They’re essentially strobe lights, but at a rate of 15 million times per second, the rapid flickering remains invisible to the human eye. The LED lights operate as transceivers and transmit data to mobile client devices that rely on a LiFi receiver that demodulates the signal to read data. However, because it is a bi-directional technology, the receiver can also act as a transceiver.

Learn more about LiFi:

17-12 pureLiFi – LiFi Demonstrator

pureLiFi, the leading LiFi technology company provides the new Demonstrator of LiFi technology (LiFi Access Point and LiFi Dongle) to SYM TEQ for System integration at the SYM TEQ Lab in Prague, Czech Republic.

Contact SYM TEQ for more information about the opportunities LiFi offers you.