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19-03 LiFi and PoE

PoE and LiFi, power full combination for digitization – data backbone for industry 4.0 and edge computing.

What kind of data network is needed for digitization?

Data over light. PoE and LiFi – data backbone for industry 4.0 and edge computing.
The combination of LED and PoE technologies offers new exciting possibilities. PoE-powered lights can be combined to form intelligent hubs with sensors, wireless communication modules and integrated processors.
LiFi is a new (IEEE 802.11bb) WiFi-based standard for data transmission via light, whereby the data signals from the access point (AP) are modulated onto the light output by the LED instead of via an antenna at WiFi radio (e.g. 2.4GHz band). It is super fast, reliable and secure. High-speed transmission no longer requires Ethernet cables to the equipment, stationary or mobile devices in the production plant. The Ethernet cables now supply power and data to the luminaires via PoE. Wherever there is light from the LEDs, data flows as well. Walls form natural boundaries of the “cells”. In contrast to WiFi radio cells, the data thus remain securely protected from unauthorised access in the “room” intended for them.

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